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Already as a child I have been conscious of a spiritual world, subtle energies, the auric field and a psychic awareness, a sensitivity to see, feel and of knowing things. I have been working as a psychic medium, energy coach, healer, yoga and meditation teacher since 2006 in the Netherlands, but also in France and Italy.

For many years the
Arthur Findlay College became my second home for further development of my mediumship. A true inspiration to have had Paul Jacobs, Tony Stockwell, Colin Bates and Bill Thomson as my mentors.

At the age of sixteen I started taking yoga classes at Fred van Beek’s. Later I took a great variety of yoga training courses and completed the
four-year study in Hatha Yoga Teaching at the Yoga Academie Nederland, (E-RYT 800). My teachers Gerold Guthman (trained by Rama Polderman) and Koos Zondervan (Kashmir yoga, student of Wolter Keers and Jean Klein) inspired me into Advaita Vedanta, non duality. I am still grateful for their guidance.
I studied
Yoga Therapy under Mukunda Stiles and Zen Meditation under Nico Tydeman. I still practice hatha yoga every day. In addition I have a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Medical Knowledge and a Master's degree in Music.
As a professional pianist and composer I produced two albums with piano music to improve concentration and relaxation.

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