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Psychic Medium Paragnost Reading Healing Coaching Amsterdam

Sessies in het Nederlands of Engels.
Sessions can be conducted in either Dutch or English. If you cannot visit my studio in
Amsterdam a video call consultation is also possible and works well even for reading and healing sessions.

To make an appointment or further information, please feel free to
contact me and also mention your phone number. I' ll get back to you as soon as I can! (within 5 days)

and healing sessions enhance inner balance, reconnecting with yourself, insights and relaxation.
A reading session can be psychic (this is all about you) and/or mediumistic (contact with spirit world). Psychic readings enable you to have some guidance, in meaning, purpose and direction in life, or clarity on a specific topic that you have in mind. Mediumistic readings offer the chance to connect with your loved ones that are passed away. Read more

A session with energy healing is partially in silence, a moment of peace and quiet, to relax, reconnect and recharge your batteries. Read more

I also offer energy management coaching: during sessions there will be opportunity to talk, structuring thoughts to understand feelings. We will work on balancing your energy to know your energy and what belongs to another person. The sessions are aimed at gaining freedom to be who you are, finding meaning, inspiration and empowerment.

You will learn short practical exercises and mindsets, using body-mind, breathing and meditation techniques to expand awareness. Experiencing life with more than just 5 senses, to trust and connect with your intuition, soul and spirit - to be able to create and open new doors.

For your
corporate events you can book me to give insightful and inspiring personal energy management and spiritual health workshops.

Please contact me for further information or to book a session:
contact & prices

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