Personal Energy Management

Reading and healing sessions enhance inner balance, reconnecting with yourself, insights and relaxation.

personal reading can give you some general guidance or clarity on a specific topic that you have in mind. Read more

energy healing physical and mental blocks can be cleared and vital energy starts to flow optimally again.

I also offer life & spiritual coaching: during a session there will be opportunity to talk, gaining freedom to be who you are, for inspiration, meaning and your direction in life, to learn easy exercises, using body-mind and breathing techniques and to live more from the heart, trusting your intuition.

In addition you are welcome for personal yoga or small group hatha yoga and meditation/mindfulness workshops.

Please feel free to contact me for further information or to book a session: contact
Prices individual sessions:
60 minutes: €100,- (incl 21% BTW)
(longer and shorter sessions are available)

Sessions can be conducted in either Dutch or English.
More info in Dutch: Personal Energy Management
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