mindfulness piano playing

Mindfulness piano playing, workshops and coaching for pianists, both professionals and amateurs. Pianoles Amsterdam Zuid Rivierenbuurt.

Key attention points:

  • The positive effects of playing and experiencing music on your body and mind
  • Awareness of sitting and playing posture and movement, the correct body posture while playing the piano. Functionality of the movement  chain
  • Effective movement while playing, using macro and micro movement
  • Lots of attractive and useful piano exercises to improve your playing technique and get more pleasure in playing
  • Seat height
  • Breath
  • Mindfulness piano playing, feeling and listening
  • Tone production, dynamics, sound, hearing
  • Improvisation and  (jazz)harmonisation
  • Choosing repertoire
  • Body posture while reading sheet music
  • Tips on how to prevent and cure injuries
  • Yoga specifically designed for pianists

For more information and bookings: info@hesterligtvoet.com or 0031 (6) 44768762

” I’m glad I turned to Hester for coaching. I took two series of three private classes to gain more control over and get more feeling in my fingers. Thanks to several specialised exercises I soon noticed improvement. Now I’m integrating these exercises into my daily schedule. Practising Hesters yoga exercises has also made me physically stronger and provided me many new insights”  Marius van den Brink 26-7-2016

“The combination of being a wonderful well trained pianist and at the same time someone with a beautiful intuition as a healer/reader makes Hester for me the perfect piano coach” Edwin Schimscheimer 16-6-2018

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